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News - Nitride LED and Laser Technology and Its impact on the
Display Medical and Storage Industries

In May 2006, the OIDA held a meeting on Nitride LED and Laser Technology. Shuji
Nakamura the inventor of the Blue LED opened the meeting with a presentation on the  
latest technology advances. Several key industry players were present at the forum,
Cree and Philips-LumiLEDs.  Several different topics were covered ranging from
substrates to UV laser emission.

Hank Rodeen from
Strategies Unlimited presented information on the expected growth in
Blue Laser and LED production over the next 5 years, including applications and suppliers.

At the meeting Leo Schowalter CTO of
Crystal-IS announced the release of the first 2 inch
commercially available single crystal AlN substrates. These are expected to have high
demand in UV applications and epitaxial growth.

As the organizer of the meeting for OIDA, a report was prepared by Bill Ring and has been
released. This report is available through the
OIDA book store and is also available through
research and markets, a Dublin based company.
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