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News - High Power Diode Laser Sources and Their Impact on
Industrial, Medical, and Military Laser Industries

In May 2006, the OIDA held a meeting on High Power Semiconductor Lasers and their
impact on the Industrial, Medical and Military industries. The meeting held in Palo Alto, CA
discussed semiconductor diode efficiency, applications and fiber lasers.

The semiconductor laser efficiency improvements under the DARPA SHED's programme
were discussed by
nLight and Alfalight. Both JDSU and Bookham highlighted their 980nm
pump laser production and the imact of the Telecom bubble on chip cost.

Several speakers from the Industrial segment provided information on diode assembly and
the emerging Fiber Laser Market. Presentations by
SPI Laser, IPG Photonics, Sifam Fiber
Optics and Nufern discussed developments in this area.

As the OIDA organizer of the meeting, a report  was prepared by Bill Ring and has been
released. This report is available through the
OIDA book store and is also available through
research and markets, a Dublin based company.
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